Not tonight babe


It is the punchline for hundreds of jokes, the premise for movies and books and launched a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.  It has been estimated that low libido affects up to 38.7% of women.  The problem with that statement is that the term “low libido” is very subjective.  What may seem like a low libido to one person may be very high for someone else.  There is no set amount of times that you need to have intercourse per week.  It all depends on compatibility, if you are having problems in your relationship your intimate life will suffer as well.  It does not mean that you are suffering from “low libido”


If you are not feeling well, you will not want to be intimate with your partner. Certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, migraines, alcoholism, and high cholesterol will all negatively influence your libido. Recent child birth and the fatigue and hormone fluctuations that go with it will definitely influence your libido!  There are a lot of prescription medications that impact sexual drive and function.  These medications include birth control, anti histamines, anti depressants, and certain anti antibiotics.



We all know that if you are not “in the mood”, no amount of begging or pleading will change your mind.  Relationship problems, stress, negative body image, depression, and anxiety will all negatively influence your libido.


The good news is that none of these things are irreversible.  A few simple lifestyle changes should have a positive impact on your libido.  Learn how to feel good about yourself, by exercising and following a healthy diet you not only improve your body image and overall health but cut your stress levels as well.  Stop smoking! Smoking is not only unhealthy, it also reduces blood supply to the sexual organs.  go for a relaxing massage, as not only will your stress levels drop, the blood flow throughout your body will be increased (and increased blood flow is a good thing, trust me!).  The important thing to know is that it is OK to have a low sex drive and that help is available.  All you have to do is ask.



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A look back at September

I have posted before in Taking a step back about how I lost my spark and had to take a break from Pure Romance to find my passion again.  Because of my mini sabbatical I had a pretty quiet month.  Fortunately I had some amazing parties in September, the guests were fantastic! They were so enthusiastic about the products and Pure Romance itself that it was a pleasure doing the demonstrations with them.  Those are the best type of parties, where it feels like you are spending time with your best friends and not like a “sales pitch”.  It was the first time that I demonstrated the new product line up and I loved the response I got from the crowd, they made me feel completely at ease and the products pretty much sold themselves.




Team meeting

For our September Team Meeting we met at Olive & Oil in Glenwood.  It was the first time that we had used this venue and it was brilliant.  Not only was the food (and the free Strawberry daiquiri) absolutely divine, but the atmosphere was perfect as well.    We discussed how important it is to stay a student and to foster a culture of learning among our fellow consultants, personal branding, and to remember that  the benefits and not the features of a product is the most important thing.

We were all given homework: we had to read a book or a blog post and report back at the next meeting.  I decided to read about sexual health, specifically on how to have a healthy vagina, which inspired my blog post “Stay healthy ladies”


All in all it was a good month, there was some work, mostly play and a lot of fun!



Taking a step back

The one thing that no one tells you about being a Pure Romance consultant is that eventually you live, eat and sleep Pure Romance. You are constantly on the lookout for new ideas for your demonstrations and blog posts. I have a notebook in my handbag where I jot down ideas for blog posts, hostess gifts, party games and themes.

Recently I found myself feeling a little burnt out. I could not find any inspiration, no matter where I looked. It got so bad that it started affecting my demonstrations, I just wasn’t “feeling it” anymore. So my husband convinced me to take a month off. Step back from Pure Romance and see if I could remember why I joined in the first place. It was really hard to close my office door, pack all my PR stuff away and ignore all of my admin work (it always surprises me how much admin work goes into running your own business!) I did all of the parties that had been booked with me, but didn’t book any new parties for the remainder of the month.

At first I felt a little guilty. I am so used to spending such a huge amount of time on my business that I could not break the habit. And then it got easier, I remembered why I love the products. Bath time giggles with my girls while we moisturise with Body Dew, bed time hugs that smell like Pink Cupcake and sharing Lip Locked kisses with my husband. I remembered the joy I feel when I help women rediscover their sexuality,the rush of doing the perfect product demonstration and the camaraderie of our team meetings. And I found my “spark”. The inspiration and drive to succeed in my business. The strength to not only run a business, but work full time as well and still have enough of myself left over to be an amazing mom and wife.

Pure Romance is not just a job, it’s not a way to make money, it’s a way of life. I don’t sell sex toys, I empower women to be the best version of themselves. I should know, Pure Romance has changed my life.


It’s albout the money

A question I get asked often by hostesses is how much money do they tell their guests to bring? The simple answer? They don’t have to bring anything!  Not only is it absolutely free to host a party with me, I also offer a variety of payment options.  I accept cash, credit and debit cards, EFT payments and  Snapscan payments.


The ABSA Payment Pebble

Card machines are so last Tuesday! The ABSA Payment Pebble makes accepting card payment really  easy and secure as it plugs into my smart phone.  Once I access the PIN-controlled app, you have to swipe your card or enter your chip protected card.  The app then allows you to enter your PIN securely.  It does not get saved on my phone or on the server at all.  You will receive a notification SMS and Email informing you that the transaction has gone through.  As easy as pie:)

Pebble Main



Click on the Image to go to the Snapscan page

Snapscan is a super nifty app that works with a QR code.  Once you have downloaded the App onto your smart phone and connected your bankcard to the App, all you have to do is snap the participating merchants’s QR code to pay for your purchases.  It really is as easy and simple as that!


So now you have one less thing to worry about, your party will be perfect!