It’s albout the money

A question I get asked often by hostesses is how much money do they tell their guests to bring? The simple answer? They don’t have to bring anything!  Not only is it absolutely free to host a party with me, I also offer a variety of payment options.  I accept cash, credit and debit cards, EFT payments and  Snapscan payments.


The ABSA Payment Pebble

Card machines are so last Tuesday! The ABSA Payment Pebble makes accepting card payment really  easy and secure as it plugs into my smart phone.  Once I access the PIN-controlled app, you have to swipe your card or enter your chip protected card.  The app then allows you to enter your PIN securely.  It does not get saved on my phone or on the server at all.  You will receive a notification SMS and Email informing you that the transaction has gone through.  As easy as pie:)

Pebble Main



Click on the Image to go to the Snapscan page

Snapscan is a super nifty app that works with a QR code.  Once you have downloaded the App onto your smart phone and connected your bankcard to the App, all you have to do is snap the participating merchants’s QR code to pay for your purchases.  It really is as easy and simple as that!


So now you have one less thing to worry about, your party will be perfect!

Stay healthy ladies:)

Every woman has a vagina yet most women don’t know how look after it properly. I really hate making these kind of blanket statements but I have seen over and over again that many women are simply not educated on how the vagina works and how to take care of it. I have previously posted about the anatomy of the vagina so I will not be covering that here. What I will say is that the vagina is basically a muscular tube inside the body. The “outside” area is the vulva



Cleanliness is next to godliness

My Mom taught me to always wipe from front to back, bad habits and laziness means that many of us “forget” this very important information every now and again. The vulva can be washed with unscented soap and warm water, taking care not to get any soap inside the vagina. The vagina is truly amazing as it is totally self-cleaning, you don’t need to use an expensive douche and feminine spray! All that these products do is leave behind harmful chemicals and interfere with the pH balance of your vagina. It is especially important to practice good hygiene during your menstrual period as the prolonged use tampons and sanitary pads can cause irritation of your delicate vaginal tissues. Always wear cotton underwear and try to wear loose-fitting clothing (or go commando) when possible. This allows for good airflow around the vulva, keeping it dry and preventing possible yeast infections.

With summer right around the corner it will be beach season soon. Remember to always change out of your wet clothes as soon as possible. Harmful bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments, making the vagina the ideal habitat for a bacterial infection.


It takes two to tango

Your partner also plays a role in keeping your vagina healthy. Ask him to wash his penis before intercourse ( to reduce the possibility of introducing harmful bacteria) and to wear a condom. Semen is pH basic while the vagina is more acidic. This combination makes the vagina more prone to bacterial growth. Always wash yourself thoroughly after sex to keep yourself clean and healthy. Urinating after intercourse helps to remove any bacteria from the urethra, thus reducing the risk of bladder infections. It is important to always use the proper lubrication during intercourse. Lubrication not only protects the delicate vaginal tissues from tearing (due to friction) and bruising but also acts as a barrier keeping the “bad bacteria” out.


It’s all in the chemistry

I have mentioned the pH balance a few times in this post already. Why is it so important? The pH balance allows “good” bacteria to flourish. We love the good bacteria! The bacteria help to keep the pH balance in check and produce a :natural antibiotic” that keeps the “bad guys” from taking over. To help the good guys you need to eat healthy foods (like natural Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies), drink lots of water and get some exercise.

The most important advice that I can give is  know your own body. Know what is normal for you and what is not. And please. please go and see a medical specialist at the first sign of trouble!

Stay healthy ladies:)



July/August Round up

I have neglected this blog rather badly the last few months. In between my kids, the Husbeast, my dogs, work, pole dancing and everything else I have attempted to find time for the past few months I have barely had a chance to catch my breath!

Pure Romance by Riana was one of the sponsors at the Pole Sports League and Pole Unity KZN event on 5 Sept this year. I sponsored prizes for the dancers and spot prizes for the audience members. It was such an amazing opportunity and I had so much fun during the preparation stages that I would be honored to be included again! And I participated in a group routine with my sister and a friend for the Pole Unity part of the evening. It was totally nerve-wracking but completely exhilarating at the same time:) On Sat the 6th Pure Romance by Riana sponsored gifts for the participants at the Pole Poses event. Another huge success and once again I competed as well. I had literally practiced 7 days a week for 2 months and I still cannot believe that it is all over!

2014-07-27 15_Fotor_Collage


Pure Romance has launched 15 new products, I will be posting reviews and updating images in the coming month.

Happy Spring every one:)

2014-08-31 17.37.31